It’s Time to Put Your Hemorrhoid Suffering Further Behind You.

A minimally invasive surgical procedure is available to help you quickly return to living in comfort.

It’s Time to Put Your Hemorrhoid Suffering Further Behind You.

A minimally invasive surgical procedure is available to help you quickly return to living in comfort.

We all know someone who has had hemorrhoid surgery.

We’ve heard the stories of intense pain, long recoveries, and embarrassment. Most of them got there because they chose to suffer in silence instead of seeing a hemorrhoid surgeon. It doesn’t have to be that way any longer.

Dr. Tanmay Lal performs an innovative procedure to effectively treat internal hemorrhoids leaving no open wounds, virtually no pain, and a quick recovery.

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If you have internal hemorrhoids, but are hesitant to see a hemorrhoid surgeon, this procedure may be right for you.

Proven effective for all stages of internal hemorrhoids

Since the introduction of the minimally invasive HAL-RAR method, more than 100,000 patients have been treated with excellent results achieved in terms of effectiveness, patient-friendliness, and safety. Furthermore, the procedure can be tailored to suit each individual patient. This procedure is used for internal hemorrhoids only. Certain higher-grade internal and external hemorrhoids may require more invasive treatment. Please contact Dr. Lal to discuss your options.

Hemorrhoid surgeons have been treating patients with this method for decades with excellent results.

Instead of invasive surgical excision or stapling that could result in intense pain and lengthy healing, Dr. Lal performs the innovative HAL-RAR procedure for internal hemorrhoids that uses suturing instead of incisions, resulting in quicker and easier recovery.

Hemorrhoid surgeons report a high rate of patient satisfaction

No open wounds, minimal pain, and quick recoveries, combined with very few intra- or post-operative complications, have resulted in a high rate of patient satisfaction. In a multicentric study of patients with high-grade hemorrhoidal disease in seven countries, 89% of all patients were completely free of symptoms after 12 months.


“Consulting a hemorrhoid surgeon is nothing to be embarrassed about. Let’s safely treat them now before they become a problem later.”

You are not alone. Nearly 75% of people will suffer from hemorrhoids at some stage in their life. Up until now, many of them have put off consulting a hemorrhoid surgeon because of their fears about pain and long recovery associated with surgery. The procedure I perform offers a viable option to help you avoid the inconvenience and discomfort of more-invasive surgery.

− Tanmay Lal, MD

Dr. Tanmay Lal

“I have a few hemorrhoids from child birth which have been bothersome for a long time. Dr. Lal explained this procedure to me in full … I had no pain other than some lower abdominal pressure for a few days afterwards … I highly recommend the HAL-RAR procedure. Just like a colonoscopy, you never feel pain or remember it was done.”

− B.L., age 57, Wheeling, WV

“I have suffered from hemorrhoids for over 30 years, ever since my daughter was born. The last ten years, they have gotten worse with bleeding and pain. I was told by doctors that I should have a hemorrhoidectomy. They told me the pain would be unbearable and that I would not want to go anywhere for at least 8 weeks … After some Internet research, I found Dr. Lal. A new procedure that is used throughout Europe and in many states that promised a lot less pain … Within a week of the out-patient surgery, I was feeling much better. Tylenol was all that was needed for pain. Within two weeks I was feeling great.”

− C.D., age 66, Lewistown, PA

Fiber-Rich Foods

Fiber Essentials and Hemorrhoids

A lot of patients who have hemorrhoids suffer from constipation. In fact, constipation and straining while having a bowel movement is what often causes the hemorrhoids (also known as piles) to form or get worse with time. Thankfully, most patients who have constipation can get hemorrhoid relief with a relatively simple fix – increasing their daily intake of dietary fiber.

You No Longer Need to Suffer in Silence.

Contact Dr. Lal today for a consultation to learn if this procedure is right for you.


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